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A skin care routine is vital for a glowing skin. However, we often forget to keep it among daily priorities whenever life gets too busy. With time, this habit results to a dull skin at best and breakouts at worst. Whenever we start to notice any issues with our skin, the first thing we do is search our symptoms and possible solutions from reputable websites such as NHS. What if you can actually talk to a qualified dermatologist online and have a complete diagnosis and befitting prescription? That would be so cool! Well, it is possible.

Online Skin Consultation VS Skin Analysis

Do you need a quick consultation or an elaborate skin analysis? If you are considering an online skin consultation such as NHS online service, you will quickly notice that doctors offer both analysis and consultation services, each with its own price tag. But which of these two do you need? Let’s look at a quick explanation of both options.

An Online Skin Consultation

Do you have a specific question that you’d like to ask concerning your skin condition? Well, if you have noticed a rash or pigmentation patch, and you’d like to know what it is and how you can fix it, a consultation is perfect. If you’d like to get professional advice on the right home care products to use on your skin, you can have an expert assess you online and make recommendations. 

An Online Skin Analysis

A skin analysis is more in-depth compared to a consultation. It seeks to understand the skin through its historical influences such as cosmetics, diet and lifestyle, genetic make-up as well as medical information. This helps determine the problem areas in the skin structure as well as recommend the appropriate corrective measures.

The analysis results are the map that is used to develop a treatment plan and specialist care. The plan contains clinical treatment if needed as well as recommendations for lifestyle changes and home care routines and products. If you are looking for solutions to premature aging, breakouts, dysfunctional skin, reaction to skin care products, general sluggish skin or inflammation, an analysis is vital.

How to Pick Out the Right Online Skin Care Doctor

With countless sites today offering online skin consultations and analysis, how do you know who is right for you? Well, there are some quick tips that can help you to pick out the professionals from the fraudsters. Here are a few pointers you should have in mind.

Asking the Right Questions

The primary concern should be to establish the real cause of a situation or condition. As such, when you contact your doctors online, they should be in a position to ask the right question to determine what the cause of the issue is. If the questions are geared towards unearthing the causes of the situation before solutions are recommended, you are in the right hands.

How the Interview Is Handled

A professional will allow you to voice all your concerns before they ask questions and recommend products or skin care routines. It is important that the doctor understands where you are coming from. Most unprofessional online skin doctors are quick to recommend products without really understanding your problem just because they’ll make a commission on the products.

Product Recommendations

It is important for the doctor to explain to you the key ingredients of the products they recommend and how they will affect your skin. There are active ingredients that are best suited for each skin type. Therefore, only use the products that enhance your skin type. If the doctor is not aware on the active ingredients of the products they are recommending and how they affect different skin types, you shouldn’t be talking to them.

Knowledgeable In Skin Care

During a consultation, your online doctor should be in a position to answer your questions and help address your concerns. If the doctor does not seem particularly welcoming of your concerns and queries, you might be in for a rough ride. What you need a duly accredited dermatologist who really understands skin issues and can break down the information in bits that are simple for anyone to understand.

Making a Custom Skin Care Plan

Here is the truth, no matter how much money you are willing to spend to fix a skin condition, you will need to be patient. The skin is living, and needs time to rejuvenate. Therefore, only use the recommended treatments and products. If you find an online doctor promising you a quick fix and bombarding you with a variety of products, be cautious. Proper, natural remedies take time, and the results are long term. 

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