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Ask A Dermatologist

If you have medical questions you to be answered right away? ask us for guidance... 

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Please take photos in good light preferably in daylight from about 10 inches away from the skin and try and get as much clarity as possible.


Describe your concerns fully and include the dates of any changes that you have seen on your skin. Try to give our Dermatologists as much information as possible to assist them in triaging your condition.


 Our dermatologists are highly trained and will evaluate the photographs and the description you provide usually within 24 hours or less! If you have any followup questions they will be managed with no extra charge.


        .......The Research Dermatology Skin Network provides support 24/7, helping to answer all of your medical and questions online. With this service, you can access the professional advice for your skin conditions at the request of your fingertips.

You can trust the information you get from our online service!

There are a lot of health information websites currently on the web. However, they are not all created equal and they do not all have the most accurate or up-to-date information. So how do you know who to trust when looking for answers to your important health questions? Sometimes you need a fast answer and you always need an accurate and appropriate answer. We, at Medical Research Information, take our health information very seriously. After all, you may be using this information to take care of yourself or your loved ones and we know and recognize that. We only use the advice given to us by practicing physicians or approved by physicians. We do not take in advice from our viewers. However, you will find reviews from our viewers. Those who have used our remedies or found help in our advice are welcome to share their experience on our website. However, the answers you receive to your medical questions will only come from one of our qualified and vetted physicians. These physicians have a specialty in any one of our covered conditions.

We provide information on any of the following conditions or specialties:


Embarrassing skin conditions  Suspicious moles Stretch marks Rashes 
Skin Cancers Strange Skin changes Unknown Dermatological Issues Changes in skin color
Problems with hair follicles STDs  Wrinkles  General Health Questions

We care about your treatment and the way you get information to treat yourself and your loved ones. That is why we only use practicing physicians to enter information on our website. You can trust our information and our sources.

While you can always look over our website to find answers to your general health and medical questions, we also offer a second option for you to get the information you need. You may contact us with your specific question directly. We can then partner your question with one of our qualifying physicians. We have physicians who specialize in each of the categories listed above. That physician will then answer your specific question directly. This allows you to rest assured that a qualified doctor is answering your question- and in a timely manner!

Never question where your information or answers are coming from again! Medical Research Information has every answer you could possibly need- and all from qualified doctors! Look no further for the questions to your medical questions! We guarantee that you will not need any other site to help answer your medical questions.


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  • Skin Conditions In Children

    Skin Conditions In Children

    Eczema: The Chronic Rash

    Eczema: The Chronic Rash

    Online Dermatology Consultation

    Online Dermatology Consultation

    Comprehensive Stool Analysis

    Comprehensive Stool Analysis


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